Invert The World is the creative process  of D.J. Johnson.   An educator, consultant, and entrepreneur, D.J. found his creative talents , 9 years ago beginning as a self taught graphic designer, then transitioning into photography and launching his second business, Invert The World Art & Designs. Blending his creative talents with his educational career advanced him in his profession immensely. In the role as writing curriculum for a variety of Social Studies disciplines, he discovered a camera and PhotoShop. These discoveries lead to a change in perception and paradigm, awakening a creative monster. Integrating creative media into high school curriculum he saw the need, as well as his proclivity for the arts in a variety areas. Invert The World is now an award winning photographer, film producer and extensively exhibited visual artist. From Jack Daniel’s Art Beat and Lyrics to his annual Muses Memphis & Music exhibit in Memphis, TN, D.J. displays his work in a variety of mediums; photography, acrylics, pastels, and mixed media.  D.J. has been nominated for a Day Time Emmy for his role as faculty producer for MTV’s Race To the Top Commencement Challenge, chronicling President Obama’s trip to Memphis TN’s Booker T. Washington High School and winner of the GALE’s Annual National Library Week’s Photo Competition on behalf of Benjamin L. Hooks Central Library,  in Memphis TN. D.J. Is a graduate of Morris Brown College and The University of Memphis.

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