Want to know what a #MovingArt Event sounds like?

When you step into a #MovingArtATL Event, be prepared to have all five of your senses heightened. The visual experience speaks for itself. Between the art on the wall, and the intricate poses formed by surrounding yogis, your eyes will be in complete awe. Your taste buds will be satisfied with thirst quenching holistic juices and the smell of enticing vegetarian dishes.  But what do you hear? The sounds by our resident DJ, DJ EmpressRah on the 1’s and 2’s curating vibrational wavelengths to set the tone for this one of a kind unique event taking place on April 16th, 2016. Will you be there? #MovingArtATL is the only place where yoga,art, and music are fused together. This is an event that you definitely do not want to miss. You can purchase your tickets here.

Want to get a taste of the sounds for #MovingArtATL? Take a listen to DJ Empress Rah’s latest mix #BlackGirlMagic here, oh and the cover art is our very own resident artist Tae Noir photographed by Rachard Wolf.


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